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Q: Do you think you'll return to memoir again?

Martha: The events in Expecting Adam took place 10 years before that book was published. Events I describe in Leaving the Saints transpired 12 years before it was published. Ten years from now, I may be publishing something about what’s happened since. It’s been another interesting ride; dealing with the fact that I’d married a gay man and trying to find a way to “unmarry” each other without losing the essence of our friendship, which ultimately led me to a relationship with a woman, Karen, with whom I’ve spent the happiest decade of my life.

Q: Do you feel obligated to provide disclosure about all aspects of your life after having opened it up in the two memoirs?

Martha: No. I feel obligated to follow the advice I give in all my writing, whether self-help or essay; to be clear in my own heart and mind, and to take whatever step feels necessary to maintain that clarity. Powerful writing happens when an author focuses on whatever creative or spiritual directive is arising from within.

Q: So where is your next book project taking you?

Martha: I’m thinking Starbuck’s.

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